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Client Testimonials

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Such A Blessing

Audra has been a blessing in my life. She has changed my life in so many ways over the last 6 years."

Wanda"Her empathy, wisdom & validation have been invaluable. She is empowering & caring. I have always felt she understands & truly cares about me & my struggles! She is an amazing woman & mentor & I feel truly blessed to have her in my life."

~ Fitness Professional and Personal Trainer

Put the pieces together

Meghan"There comes a pivotal time in everyone’s life when they know change is necessary.  For me it was three years ago when I could no longer deny that my career path needed a crucial correction if I was ever to feel fulfilled. Although I knew I had the talent, the heart, and skills to be successful in my new endeavor, I simply did not know how to make the leap."

Audra put all of the pieces together in a manner that made  sense to smoothly switch gears."

"She not only addressed the practical factors, but also some of the more hidden elements hindering my transition."

"Marked with professionalism, reliability, integrity, and relatability, Audra was my "game changing" missing piece. Three years later my business is running strong and my confidence continues to soar to new heights. Partnering with her for all my coaching needs was hands down the best business decision I have yet to make."

"You will not be disappointed."

~ Licensed Professional Counselor and Author

Challenging and Encouraging

Lisa"I have known Audra as a Life and Fitness Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, and Friend. In each role Audra brings her gift of acceptance, motivation, and most importantly empathy. Whether she is leading a kickboxing class or visiting over a cup of coffee Audra never ceases to challenge, encourage, and provide support to make me a better, healthier friend and person."

Her great gift of empathy and intuition is a blessing beyond measure and serves her well as a coach."

"These gifts along with her mind and body philosophy greatly impact those that she comes in contact with."


"Audra is rooted, grounded, and a great light to those around her."

~ Group Fitness Instructor and Family Blogger

Clarity and Hope

Nicollette"Before I met with Audra, I was living a confusing, overwhelming, and disorganized life. I was attempting a juggling act for all of my priorities, and I was failing. I knew where I wanted to be in my life, but I didn't have the tools or the knowledge to even know where to begin."


By the end of the first session with Audra, I was feeling more clarity and hopefulness than I had felt in months."

It was as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders! Her compassionate, empathetic coaching style, along with her exceptional listening skills brings an immediate connection to the table. You can't help but be automatically comfortable in her presence. She asks powerful, intelligent, and enlightening questions that lead to thoughtful discussions and action-based plans. Audra helped me dismantle the roadblock that was keeping me from finding true peace and happiness from within myself. It has truly been an honor to work with Audra, and I will be forever grateful for her wisdom, love, and guidance as I embark on my new journey!"

~ Surgical Technologist

Compassionate and Supportive

Savannah"Audra is genuinely one of the most caring, loving, and kind individuals I have ever meet. In our first session, I could already tell that she was going to be easy to open up to. I have always struggled with talking about things that affect me. With her, it was like I had known her for years and was catching up with an old friend."

Audra listens without judgment and is compassionate, supportive and dedicated to helping people."

"She also has an incredible ability to read between the lines. She can take one phrase that you have said and find the root of the problem easily."

"Working with Audra has completely changed how I view myself, other people, and my surroundings. I have found that I am so much happier after I leave a session."

"I would not recommend anyone besides her."

Front Office Administrator