Professional Coaching for Intention, Advocacy and Growth

So, You’ve Hired a Coach . . . Now What?

You’ve been feeling it for a while, the need for a personal shift that comes with reinventing the way you go about your daily life. You are in a place of mild content but know you want to reach for more, yet you can’t put your finger on what more is or even how to get there. You’ve decided that seeking professional coaching services suit you best for the new places you want to go in your life. So, what does it really mean to work with a personal development coach?

While you may have spent time in a productive experience with a therapist, counselor or consultant, the transformative experience you have in coaching is a magic like no other. As a client on a coaching journey, you are entering a co-creative relationship. A coach and a client are equals in the work they do in a session, both have an incredibly active role.

A trained coach with a natural gift for listening will be fully engaged in creating an experience of intuitive thoughts and big shift thinking. Partnered together in the coaching experience, the coach and client create more powerful results by sparking dynamic actions towards the client goals and life-long transformations.

As a client there are ways you can ensure you get the most from your coaching experience.

Be willing to recognize and let go of what does not serve you anymore.

Sometimes the hardest part to making a change in yourself is to be vulnerable enough to admit that you want to. We live in a culture where it is celebrated to look like we have it all together, all the time. Sub-consciously, we know this is not true and to try to keep up with a pattern of behavior as such eventually leads to a fall out of some kind. If you are honest enough with yourself that you want to work with a coach, be honest with your coach about what you need to let go, layers you need to shed, relationships you want to improve or possibly release. Life is about constant growth and outgrowing people, places, or things along our journey is unavoidable, especially when we come to a place where we know want to something more for ourselves

Release the need to judge yourself, Be willing and open-minded. Welcome new approaches.

You have decided you are ready to let go of the old, now comes the part of taking the risk of trying something new. Many times, we stay in growth paralysis out of fear of the unknown. Trying new things comes with the possibility of failure, another element we have been conditioned to avoid and that we often judge ourselves on harshly. Avoidance is an energy blocker to your life and a clear stop to your growth. If you are willing and able to clear the slate and see things in a different way without judging how you may or may not do, you catapult yourself to the next level.

Your coach will make your sessions a priority, you must too. Be ready for each session with a specific intention and idea of what you’d like to walk away from the session with.

Life-long changes are never secured through inconsistency. To solidify the best, highest-level of result potentiality from your coaching experience you must show up physically and mentally, every time. Missing sessions or coming unprepared without some prior reflection will only lessen the power of your partnership with your coach. You coach is walking alongside you to empower you to be your best self. Your experience is exponentially heightened when you come in prepared, ready to engage, and open to a new level of thinking and doing.

Do your work between sessions. Complete the weekly action plan.

You made a personal investment of time, energy, and resources to commit to working with a coach. Following through with work and action steps that are developed in a session is key to your evolution of a new self. As you practice your action plan elements in your every day life your outcomes shift before your eyes. This shift brings a new level of functioning and that you didn’t know was possible, which is so invigorating. Your coach will hold you accountable weekly to support you along the way, you are never alone in your change journey.

Be purposeful and intentional with what you learn—Use your new gifts

The greatest reward of all life-long changes is developing, recognizing and using your new gifts of growth daily. There is no greater personal power than creating your own changes and your new-found balance and peace. The power of clear presence in our own life is something, that once we’ve got it in our souls, never goes away. You’ve worked so hard for this! Enjoy!