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So, You’ve Hired a Coach . . . Now What?

You’ve been feeling it for a while, the need for a personal shift that comes with reinventing the way you go about your daily life. You are in a place of mild content but know you want to reach for more, yet you can’t put your finger on what more is or even how to get there. You’ve decided that seeking professional coaching services suit you best for the new places you want to go in your life. So, what does it really mean to work with a personal development coach? ... more »

You’re the Best

I have a new life story, and I rewrote it word by word, one experience at a time, day after day. As hard as it is to say out loud in pure vulnerability, it is my authentic truth. I am a recovered achievement and praise addict. Hearing the words “you’re the best” was my drug and those words traveled through my veins via a big needle of perfectionism and extreme over-commitment to others. Like all professional addicts do, I finally hit rock bottom desperate to find my mental and physical health that I spent all 36 years losing. “It can’t be like this, is this what it really is all about, how I did I get here?” Suddenly, I truly opened my eyes for the first time in my life, and I looked around, I mean REALLY looked around and couldn’t believe my eyes. ... more »

Serenity Solutions Coaching

Client Testimonials


"I have known Audra as a Life and Fitness Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, and Friend. In each role Audra brings her gift of acceptance, motivation, and most importantly empathy. Whether she is leading a kickboxing class or visiting over a cup of coffee Audra never ceases to challenge, encourage, and provide support to make me a better, healthier friend and person."

Lisa D.

Group Fitness Instructor and Family Blogger


"Audra has been a blessing in my life. She has changed my life in so many ways over the last 6 years. Her empathy, wisdom & validation have been invaluable. She is empowering & caring. I have always felt she understands & truly cares about me & my struggles! She is an amazing woman & mentor & I feel truly blessed to have her in my life."


Fitness Professional and Personal Trainer


"There comes a pivotal time in everyone’s life when they know change is necessary.  For me it was three years ago when I could no longer deny that my career path needed a crucial correction if I was ever to feel fulfilled. Although I knew I had the talent, the heart, and skills to be successful in my new endeavor, I simply did not know how to make the leap."


Licensed Professional Counselor and Author