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Ready To Rewrite Your Story?

I am so happy you are here! Chances are, if you have discovered this site you are looking to rewrite an old life story into a new one. I completely relate.

Audra ByrneI myself have done that exact same thing. My new story starts first with my acknowledgement that I am a recovered over-achievement and praise addict. Hearing the words "you’re the best" was my drug and those words traveled through my veins via a big needle of perfectionism and extreme over-commitment to others. What about my old life story? (click here to learn more)

Results-Driven and Co-Creative

Today, the mental clarity, health and well-being I have achieved—by breaking my addiction chains—has illuminated powerful gifts that enable me to share with others. As a coach, I bring a results-driven, co-creative experience to my time with my clients. As an intuitive empath, my clear ability to welcome vulnerability and honesty into the working discussion space allows my clients to bring forth life-altering changes into their daily living. This becomes their new story.

Becoming A Positive Force For Growth

ICF MemberI am deeply passionate about connecting with, motivating, and elevating others to see the positive force of growth in their lives. As a born leader, my career roles span experiences as a middle school teacher and administrator, a professional group fitness instructor, a devoted wife to my husband Brian, a full-time mother to our 3 amazing children, an entrepreneur, and a multi-organization volunteer, to name a few. Over the course of many years, and through each of these different leadership opportunities, I have used self-advocacy coaching as an integral part of helping individuals to write their new story.

If you are here, you are considering a new story, you are a seeker, you are a thinker, you are ready and willing to be vulnerable. Let me walk alongside you step by step and brick by brick, illuminating your path to a new story the whole way.

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Client Testimonials


"I have known Audra as a Life and Fitness Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, and Friend. In each role Audra brings her gift of acceptance, motivation, and most importantly empathy. Whether she is leading a kickboxing class or visiting over a cup of coffee Audra never ceases to challenge, encourage, and provide support to make me a better, healthier friend and person."

Lisa D.

Group Fitness Instructor and Family Blogger


"Audra has been a blessing in my life. She has changed my life in so many ways over the last 6 years. Her empathy, wisdom & validation have been invaluable. She is empowering & caring. I have always felt she understands & truly cares about me & my struggles! She is an amazing woman & mentor & I feel truly blessed to have her in my life."


Fitness Professional and Personal Trainer


"There comes a pivotal time in everyone’s life when they know change is necessary.  For me it was three years ago when I could no longer deny that my career path needed a crucial correction if I was ever to feel fulfilled. Although I knew I had the talent, the heart, and skills to be successful in my new endeavor, I simply did not know how to make the leap."


Licensed Professional Counselor and Author